HALLOWEEN KILLS "Unmasking Michael Myers" Trailer (2021)
HALLOWEEN KILLS "Unmasking Michael Myers" Trailer (2021)
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  • Tu'Jz

    DiD My NiGGa Mike ReaLLy PuLL uP & HoP OuT😭🤣😭

  • syahrul masran
    syahrul masran

    jason would have kill her a long long long time a go...😂😂😂😂

  • Rian Torres
    Rian Torres

    Ahhh can't wait!

  • Cherry Romandiaz
    Cherry Romandiaz

    When this franchise movies end??? I mean really really end...without any sequel or prequel

  • thomasfan1992


  • Adam Olivier
    Adam Olivier

    Not being funny but there comes a time where watching this guy NOT die gets old. Just let it end.

  • steamhard

    Only took 25+ years for them to figure it out. Track him down n kill him. Lmao

  • KimboG25

    Might as well show the end credits why don’t you

  • Dennis Burns
    Dennis Burns

    Evil dies tonight... or maybe tomorrow... whatevs convenient....

  • Arturo Villalobos
    Arturo Villalobos

    Lately I've realized that the first Terminator movie, back in the 80's, was very much inspired by the Halloween movie; The difference was that the terminator is from beginning a robot, but the rest is very alike.

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith

    Looks cheesy

  • Andrew Blanchard
    Andrew Blanchard

    HALLOWEEN 2018 LAURIE'S GRANDDAUGHTER had the knife because she was going to be the new HALLOWEEN KILLER like JAMIE LLOYD was supposed to be

  • Andrew Blanchard
    Andrew Blanchard

    I've been dreaming about killing you for 40 years keep dreaming

  • ss1w

    some super ruff girls are going to kill the bad man

  • Andrew Blanchard
    Andrew Blanchard


  • Jose Ramos
    Jose Ramos

    Different direction same ending Michael wins

  • sandro duque
    sandro duque

    Isso é uma obra de arte 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻✔️

  • Phuck Biden and his taliban family
    Phuck Biden and his taliban family

    Enough of the Halloween movies already geez

  • robotrix

    All those years of meticulous planning and the fire department showing up never occurred to her???????? 1:06 Ooo, bad green screen effect 2:03 More Halloween III references....

  • Ana C
    Ana C

    I’m rooting for Michael, that’s it. Laurie is so boring that even mute Michael “sounds” better lol

  • Chris

    Umm and they took out "smell my feet" why???

  • Stefan Williams
    Stefan Williams

    Carol is that you

  • rip2lucas

    he needs a buff in dead by Daylight

  • srami004

    This looks good.

  • ghost mode
    ghost mode

    I just noticed those Season of the Witch masks in this trailer. God I sure hope they don't ruin that movie with a remake. That's a cult classic right there and it needs to remain in its original format.

  • TLC!

    Did this man die?

  • Giovanny Arce
    Giovanny Arce

    He has another mask on top of the current one.

  • CreppyPuppetKing

    Can't wait to see this movie bc I'm a horror fan of movies and killing

  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell

    Looks really good and cool and scary

  • Michael K
    Michael K

    Can't wait for this to come out I'm going to be watching it in the theaters

  • Curiosidades Diversidades
    Curiosidades Diversidades

    Click bait from hell

  • Michael

    I'd rather read a book than watch endless remakes and rehashes.I don't know how Hollywood is still in business to this day because their movies have been dieing for years and are so boring and predictable now.Rob Zombie already remade Halloween back in 2007. I also find it difficult to believe how a whole fire fighter team can't take down one man.The acting in the trailer looked completely put on.

  • Victor Vera
    Victor Vera

    This whole franchise is annoying. That's a normal fucking man surviving shit like he's the terminator. Ya'll find this bullshit entertaining?

  • Colleen Hackett
    Colleen Hackett

    i can’t wait for this movie

  • Fenton Williams
    Fenton Williams

    I love how they used the masks from Halloween 3

  • Redfiregamer 387
    Redfiregamer 387

    When does the movie come out

  • Drex99

    Bitcoin +SHIBA INU coin buy

  • Ken Frank
    Ken Frank

    I'm coming for you Micheal Oct 15

  • Frank Eastman
    Frank Eastman

    Michael’s mask is finally removed... Spoiler... It’s Joe Biden

  • jean krus
    jean krus

    When will this Fool Die! They always kill him then change the story line in the next movie..

  • Trans are Mentally ill
    Trans are Mentally ill


  • Bitter Truth
    Bitter Truth

    Hollywood really has ran out of ideas

  • the man under the bar
    the man under the bar

    Aaaand they've ruined it

  • Kristian Smith
    Kristian Smith

    Halloween 28 looks good!

  • Jaded Jessay
    Jaded Jessay

    Oh man. I'm pumped

  • Michael Wilt
    Michael Wilt

    Halloween 27 "....And this time we mean it!"

  • Steve Harrington
    Steve Harrington

    Hands down, Michael is far stronger, faster, smarter, better, stealthy, and scarier than Jason.

    • Steve Harrington
      Steve Harrington

      @Loctify "stop" , stop what?? Myers is just to broken. Jason wack

    • Loctify

      just stop

    • Loctify

      No, no, yes, no, no, and no

  • Brent Acosta
    Brent Acosta

    Fuck yeah. I can't wait to watch this.

  • mnv

    I feel like this trailer would be 100x better as a 5-10 second teaser showing that he's back.

  • Kevin Getz
    Kevin Getz

    spoiler~~Under the mask is Jen Psaki

  • Andrew Vasquez
    Andrew Vasquez

    An entire town vs the bogeyman I say the odds are 50/50

  • John Zeszut
    John Zeszut

    When the COVID mask came off and it was Alfred E. Neumann!!!!!

  • Atlas Millet
    Atlas Millet

    Jesus, yet another trailer that shows you all the kills. I had to stop it at the minute and a half mark, but it already ruined the movie for me. Trailers are supposed to be teasers, not summaries.

  • RaymondYarnTv

    Can’t wait when this comes out

  • Da Jonzies
    Da Jonzies

    I feel like once she unmask him she’s gonna see baby Michael then die😭

  • Rome Rome
    Rome Rome

    About time this is on ISdowns. I read about this last year. They take forever to tell everyone more publicly.

  • Bizzy Gamer
    Bizzy Gamer

    *Myers vs Voorhees make it happen*

    • The Clown Crew
      The Clown Crew

      @Bizzy Gamer Awesome!

    • Bizzy Gamer
      Bizzy Gamer

      @The Clown Crew On my way now to check it out lol thanks

    • The Clown Crew
      The Clown Crew

      How about Michael vs Batman? :) We just released a trailer on our channel for a new Batman vs Michael fan series that will start releasing in October. Check it out!

  • Ramon Crocodilians Productions
    Ramon Crocodilians Productions

    Let's geauxxxxxxxx!!!! I can't wait!!! Halloween Kills is going to be so 🔥🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾💯😎👍🏽. #HalloweenKills

  • Flying Dutchman
    Flying Dutchman

    This is gonna be badass!

    • The Clown Crew
      The Clown Crew

      You know what else would be BA? Batman vs Michael. We just released a trailer on our channel for a new Batman vs Michael fan series that will start releasing in October.

  • ChrisK

    Looking forward to seeing how the community coming together Freddy style to get revenge works out!

  • Shikkadance

    Is Michael killing children now? Those are kids in the Halloween 3 masks, right?

  • Eion Bowen
    Eion Bowen

    Excited for this but tbh I want a Halloween game 🎮for next generation


    Nice Movie, now can i watch the trailer?

  • Roland Sievers
    Roland Sievers

    Who in their right mind watches shit like that?!

  • Jolly Olly Reed
    Jolly Olly Reed

    Fucking hell, they may as well of just showed us the whole film.

    • Tommy Vercetti
      Tommy Vercetti

      That’s the issue. I’m sure the movie is gonna be awesome but they are showing way too much. They should keep all the goods in store for the film

  • Larry Fabela
    Larry Fabela

    This movie gotta be so Scary.

  • More Miles
    More Miles

    Halloween 2018 was one of the best ones to date. I can’t wait for this

  • Scott Lally
    Scott Lally

    Michael walking out of that burning cabin was like him walking out of the gates of hell

  • Donnell Howard
    Donnell Howard

    Mike should be in a walker…like what was he doing the whole time ..did he get married did he have kids …was he working out …cuz he can’t kill this woman for shit

  • New Generation Technology
    New Generation Technology

    The town fought him in Halloween 4 too

  • PrestonAce24

    This movie is going to be so good

  • A B
    A B

    No no no no

  • jason7492

    But didn't she unmask Michael for a second in the first movie?

    • HiMyName IsNeo
      HiMyName IsNeo


  • Dr Cory
    Dr Cory

    Awesome movie trailer

  • Kiki

    Anyone else agree that all of these Halloween Kills trailers are more and more revealing???

  • Elecktra.G

    I'm so excited for this movie

  • Case Southerland
    Case Southerland

    2:02 holy crap! It's the three Silver Shamrock masks from Halloween III - Season of the Witch!! Wait a minute.... There's a connection between the original and H3 after all!!

  • nkosi collier
    nkosi collier

    When will this end?


    i hate this new style of a trailer within a trailer

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots

    You don't kill firemen asshole. This isn't going to end well Michael....

  • Sin

    Now all we need is a remake of the whole series.

  • FrosteeAG

    This movie series is awesome. Hopefully, they have multiple more movies on the way.

  • Travis Henderson
    Travis Henderson

    so is this going to be the last one are is there going to be one more after this

  • Ethan Montgomery
    Ethan Montgomery

    They should re use busta rhymes Character just so he can bust out that kung fu And say Trick or treat motherfucker

  • Nuka 5
    Nuka 5

    Man me and my friends are absolutely going to this

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki

    Finally, the town is tired of Michael’s bs and so am I 😆 it’s been 30 years of movies and this dude just doesn’t go away 😆

  • killer _wolfdon
    killer _wolfdon

    So if you give mike a nuke he becomes satan I assume 😂

  • Sana Bensinner
    Sana Bensinner

    I think these would be my first Halloween movie

  • Loki Myers
    Loki Myers

    Cant wait to see my cousin on the big screen again

  • Jarrod

    Yet another one really I have lost count of how many there are

  • The Toad
    The Toad

    looks trash.

  • Steve D.
    Steve D.

    Why should I go to the cinema if I have already seen the entire film in the trailer?

  • nobody is my name
    nobody is my name

    Man thanks for uploading the entire movie!!

  • Bigg Gioo
    Bigg Gioo

    They put the whole city on Micheal that was tuff I’m pretty sure he won tho

  • Jason Llano
    Jason Llano

    To me the only way you can kill Michael for good they got to rip out his whole entire heart smash the shit of it cut his head and burn his ass to the ground

  • Yoda'sMomIsOnDrugs

    I thought this already came out, or are these old trailers?

  • Jaybizzllee

    October what damnit 😐

  • Keon

    Bruh this trailer is terrible. Is this a horror slasher or fxxking terminator ? 👎 Rob zombies first halloween movie was the last time michael myers was scary