VENOM 2 "Venom VS Carnage" Trailer (2021)
VENOM 2 "Venom VS Carnage Fight" Trailer (2021) Let There Be Carnage, Tom Hardy
© 2021 - Sony

  • Роман Капитан Питер
    Роман Капитан Питер

    Maybe you know my brother Tom? Good British actor Tom Hardy. He was born almost three years earlier than me in the UK, in London.

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    Patrick Smith

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  • Robert Solovy
    Robert Solovy

    Big CGI Fight!

  • САНЯ Щепец
    САНЯ Щепец


  • Uncle Babba
    Uncle Babba

    You youngins don't even know about "Cheers" That's how far Woody has come from. True legend in Hollywood.

    • Phallo Peon Choobs
      Phallo Peon Choobs

      Don’t forget Money Train along side Wesley Snipes

    • Desmund Reynolds
      Desmund Reynolds

      Mannn!! King pin white men can’t jump !

  • SuperHellhawk

    This film looks like a total car crash and embarrassingly I’m here for it, day 1 viewing 😂

  • Supernatural Supremeslayer
    Supernatural Supremeslayer

    Mrs chen has seen eddie brock turning to venom & back into Eddie again before when he ate the robber head why would she question him

  • ОtSoS PRO
    ОtSoS PRO

    PG+13 again. LoL

  • 1M

  • 1M

    Waaw eddy nice Eddie 5

  • Sean Collins
    Sean Collins

    I am so happy that this movie release date was pushed up two weeks.

  • History

    I like Venom iven more like batman

  • tomy rocky
    tomy rocky

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  • 黒魔術

    Venom 2018 felt more like a comedy movie.

  • Anthony Shuck
    Anthony Shuck

    This looks bad fucking ass I tell ya what bud 👀

  • B4ND1C00T

    Thats a red one!

  • Tamás Hatházi
    Tamás Hatházi

    It's Tommy from Snatch

  • NUKE

    am I the only one that feels bad for Eddie, he lost everything his job his love life, and worst of that he was going to marry her, and she got married to someone else, I hate Anne and I know she had a bad reason, he literally saved the world, and she had papers that contain that they were killing people in the lab, and she gets with someone days after they break up, I swear I hate her more than Carlton drake (bad guy) if you disagree go fuck yourself, because I really fucking hate her oh god that was fucking great

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales

    Let me guess.......a "PG-13" piece of crap, right? Jerks.....

  • tosiaczlek

    so it will be 1st october but what means it will be "exclusively" in cinemas 1st october?

  • Marcelo Joaquim
    Marcelo Joaquim

    where is spider man?


    So this symbiotes are alien right? What if the host's body catches cold or corona. Are they somewhat immune to earth's viruses?

  • vulkangamingTFU

    I feel like an opportunity was missed with UFC/WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar. He literally fit the bill physically to be Eddie Brock to a T right down to his face... and coincidentally his full name is Brock Edward Lesnar. It’s crazy 😂 only thing is his voice is like a 12 year old boy

  • Dustin Sanchez
    Dustin Sanchez

    Oh shit thats a red one

  • Flavio Sousa
    Flavio Sousa

    Tom Hardy is brilliant but if Spider-man doesn't make an appearance, this is going to flop.

  • ali habibian
    ali habibian


  • maclane7

    It looks like a video game

  • Raven Delaney
    Raven Delaney

    I love Venom and Eddie together. I AM so exited to see this

  • Mundix

    they gives a big spoilers with this trailer , now is unnecessary go to the movie feathers

  • Hugo Svensson
    Hugo Svensson

    I dident know carnage likes to make out with prisoners

  • Drex99

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  • pro duck
    pro duck

    This looks just like the first one i dont think its gonna be something special honestly jusy another sony milking marvel characters without good writing

  • channell 365
    channell 365

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  • channell movie
    channell movie

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    • Krevchenko Gaming
      Krevchenko Gaming

      the hell is that pfp fake

  • 莉莲昆

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  • Mars Filmmakers
    Mars Filmmakers

    It's already playing right now ?

    • Mars Filmmakers
      Mars Filmmakers


  • Maggie Wan
    Maggie Wan

    Let me tell you, it feels REALLY weird to see an official live-action Carnage after so many years of fan-edits

    • Thunder From the earth
      Thunder From the earth

      copy and pasted comment

  • - 3lectr1x -
    - 3lectr1x -

    For those of you who don’t know, carnage is red because the symbiote merged with his blood.

  • Tiberius Mogendi
    Tiberius Mogendi

    When will it be out

  • JYD2019 Y
    JYD2019 Y

    Oh yeah 0:58

  • JYD2019 Y
    JYD2019 Y

    Soon comes chaos 0:50 chaos soon comes 0:52

  • JYD2019 Y
    JYD2019 Y

    Tom Hardy versus Woody Harrelson

  • kai

    Venom is such a lovely alien! Definitely need a caring, loving, and supporting symbiote like him in my life.

    • juliakk

      Venom literay yeet eddie on the ground

    • Royal Shuvro
      Royal Shuvro

      Universal truth

    • CrazyGhost298!

      I would love to have a symbiote like Venom in my life! 🥰

  • Britasha

    Hope it'll be good

  • Gary Street
    Gary Street

    To the moon

  • sagenecro

    I'm not a big superhero film guy but I have always been fascinated by Venom & Carnage

  • Italo De Angelis
    Italo De Angelis


  • chocylachy

    Venom be like you better shut your mouth man this movie is going be good 👍

  • Kamil Hüseynov
    Kamil Hüseynov


  • Karolina Stonyte
    Karolina Stonyte

    October 1 venom vs carnage

  • Pour Saber
    Pour Saber

    Marvel ENT is watch this video

  • Chase Strife
    Chase Strife

    So no one talks about how short this movie is??😭

  • Diggs

    And to think that Cletus started as a humble, bar-hop. I'm feeling so melancholy seeing him.

  • Jaron Talotta
    Jaron Talotta

    Way over edited wtf

  • Prashant dalal ek modi bakt
    Prashant dalal ek modi bakt

    Not impressed 🙄

  • Joseph Harper
    Joseph Harper

    Looks like this one is going to compete with the first one for...Worst. Movie. Ever.


      U haven't even seen the movie. Shut. Up.

  • knightghost 17
    knightghost 17

    Doesn't it bug anyone that Eddie isn't in control with any of the action as venom. From what I remembered Eddie was in control when he transformed even though it's believed the symbiote is doing the talking it's really Eddie. It changes his personality I believe. How much has changed?

    • Iksvomid

      WAS, key word.

    • Melvyn M
      Melvyn M

      @Armand A Spiderman is still very intelligent. Just dorky. But still intelligent.


      @Armand A Venom turned goofy in the comics too.

    • Armand A
      Armand A

      Also, they are trying to make everyone like Deadpool these days. Venom is trying to be too funny (like Deadpool) and same with Spiderman being too dumb (like Deadpool). Venom is supposed to be menacing and Spiderman is supposed to be intelligent.

  • Andrew Ooi
    Andrew Ooi


  • Commander Captain
    Commander Captain

    Venom: I am happy to eat Mrs. Chen! Mrs. Chen: *blushes* Venom: SHE'S A RED ONE, NEVERMIND.

  • stoner cat
    stoner cat


  • Kervin Cadevil
    Kervin Cadevil


  • trelel1

    Don't know who the screaming women is, but I can already tell I she's gonna be corny as fuck. Dumb as screaming side profile

  • VDS Entertainment
    VDS Entertainment

    film is good

  • B.PRO°

    "No, you can not eat Mrs. Chen" is when you're arguing with your inside voice so hard, you begin talking out loud. Relatable

    • Lucas Heinrich
      Lucas Heinrich

      That, my friend, is called "schizophrenia". And you need to get that check out.

    • Rayman

      Hilarious !

  • Wotzat Fa
    Wotzat Fa

    effing spoiler...

  • vigilantezack

    Is it just me or does it seem like Woody Harrelson is in almost every movie any more?

  • No soul
    No soul

    this and the new spiderman game are going to be epic venom is such a cool character just need them to meet in the films now

  • Bradley Forney
    Bradley Forney

    0:42 mmmm ketchup

  • Dean Sheedy
    Dean Sheedy

    Looks just as shit as the first

  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  • Raid Shadow Legends
    Raid Shadow Legends

    Damn bro this trailer was horribly cut

  • chyld

    “That was rude, let me eat him” Venom really cares about Eddie

    • Arahia pro
      Arahia pro

      Infact kasady ate venom lol

    • Rainbow Wolf
      Rainbow Wolf


    • Dustin Sanchez
      Dustin Sanchez

      He really does that was only human he truly loved aside from peter



    • Junray Segales
      Junray Segales

      And the cause of clettus biting eddie.

  • ayhan karakaş
    ayhan karakaş


  • Taylor K
    Taylor K

    That looked like a rurocKIN helmet :3

  • Letherboot

    0:00 - 0:05 WHO EDITED THIS?!?! it's fucking embarrassing. Jesus christ

  • Salacious Crumb
    Salacious Crumb

    So what's the rating on this?

  • Music & sounds
    Music & sounds

    Those are teasers. Not a trailer .-.

  • Salleh Yusof
    Salleh Yusof

    venom stupid that why cassady bite eddy brock hand...

  • Marko Druvick
    Marko Druvick


  • yunaniii

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  • 莉莲昆

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  • steve conn
    steve conn

    Eddie Brock: Still renting a San Fran apt. on an alt. reporter's salary! (Oh, and schizo hybrid with an alien entity or something).

  • David Werking
    David Werking

    should just make it a str8 carnage movie. eddie brocks a chad. where's my lobo movie (when's the last time PR stopped playing it safe?)

  • VDS Entertainment
    VDS Entertainment

    film is good

  • D00MIC0RN

    Brock at his lowest with no self esteem, Brock and Venom fighting over the us of Brock's body, Brock at odds with some overly large corporation, then having to fight a much more powerful symbioses. My amnesia Deja Vu is telling me I forgot this all before. Oh right, that was the entire plot of the first Venom movie.

  • Pete Parker
    Pete Parker

    This channels needs a better logo and it could be up the top trailer channels

  • Any Thing
    Any Thing


  • Brandon Esquivel
    Brandon Esquivel

    Ayyyyyyy que pinchi emocioooooooonnnn................ Cada vez es más adelante que chidoooooooooooooooooo.......................

  • Lucky J. Ferguson
    Lucky J. Ferguson

    I wonder if when Eddie enters Cheers everyone shuts out VENOM!!!

  • Domniac Corp.
    Domniac Corp.

    Movie will do 400$ to 600$ million max.

  • Holy Venom
    Holy Venom

    Definitely seeing this on opening day!!!! CANT WAIT!!

  • Carmen

    no one seems to be upset about the fact that Spiderman is supposed to fight carnage!

  • Brian Fewer
    Brian Fewer

    Omg what a terrible trailer. Did the editor really cut together "Eddy Brooke" "How come" Everytime" "bad things happen" "you seem to be at the center of it"...

    • Brian Fewer
      Brian Fewer


  • KINGFIRE 7771
    KINGFIRE 7771

    Did enybody else hear venom say rood🤣

  • José Daniel Velásquez Torres
    José Daniel Velásquez Torres


  • Joseph Unruh
    Joseph Unruh

    Sees weird alien looking thing growing out of finger. Eats it.

    • Joseph Unruh
      Joseph Unruh

      @Sam Hardaker that sounds like a reasonable explanation tbh haha

    • Sam Hardaker
      Sam Hardaker

      @blaze blade Well he does seem fairly interested in Eddie, and is crazy, probably wanted to see what was up inside him

    • blaze blade
      blaze blade

      No hating But that's extremely dumb

  • Arachnid Comics
    Arachnid Comics

    0:41 - 0:42 Is that Venom’s offspring?

  • Alexander Thomas
    Alexander Thomas

    Jesus died for your sins and loves you choose him today

    • AG

      @Hayden United 2 0:37 *RUDE! Let me eat him!*

    • Holy Venom
      Holy Venom

      @Josh Wah? It's disgusting that people refuse Christ!

    • Josh Wah?
      Josh Wah?

      @Holy Venom Yes, it is the wrong place. It’s disgusting to push your religion on others

    • Hayden United 2
      Hayden United 2

      Well just saying....wrong video this is a superhero movie i just don't want you to get massive hate for our religion. Im not trying to be rude

    • Holy Venom
      Holy Venom

      @Hayden United 2 No it's not the wrong place, not sorry, period

  • demonocus metalocus
    demonocus metalocus

    can't wait for this