WHAT IF... ? "Iron Man Snap" Trailer (2021)
WHAT IF... ? "Mid-Season" Trailer (2021) Iron Man Snap, Thor, Spider-Man, Black Panther, Hulk, Dr Strange, Animated Series
© 2021 - Disney+ Marvel

  • Jay Say
    Jay Say

    ya lost me with Seth Greens Howard the Duck.

  • Rob Rose 609
    Rob Rose 609

    Hugh Jackman or Robert Downey Jr. wolverine Iron Man always got that Clickbait

  • Sumo Benji
    Sumo Benji

    No thanks

  • Carnerd101

    I thought this was supposed to be the "Iron Man Snap" Trailer! This is a trailer for the full season 1.

  • jdogsful

    the problem with this series is that its just too random and implausible. Also, anthology type shows suck. Shows are better when they have a storyline and plot thread.

  • Nobody Bolanos
    Nobody Bolanos

    I still don't understand why iron man didn't just use 1 stone to counter Thanos so that he can survive with less lethal damage.

  • Asterix Gal
    Asterix Gal


  • Squeezy Jibbz
    Squeezy Jibbz

    After that dumb bit with Korath and T'Challa and the fact that Riri Williams(a character from 2015)is being introduced in Wakanda Forever speaks volumes of their true motives. Guess Disney just assumes all black people know each other. What clowns. Lol

  • R K
    R K


  • Сергей Фадаев
    Сергей Фадаев

    sorry, but I could not stand even one episode.

  • Montaser Halabi
    Montaser Halabi

    Episode 1 good Episode 2 bad Episode 3 bad Episode 4 great and more Episode 5 good Episode 6 we can say good

  • Montaser Halabi
    Montaser Halabi

    To me i wanna see what happened to doctor strange🥲i wanna see countie the story🔥💔

  • albert zhong
    albert zhong

    someone pls tell me who this is? 1:20

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      The Natasha Black Widow of the Ultron Apocalypse universe.

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      I think it's black widow shooting hawkeye's bow. Not sure tho.

  • Steinhawk

    At what point did this trailer feature what the title suggests? "Iron Man Snap" Trailer? Click bait.

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      0:16 albeit he didn't make the snap though.

  • Weekly MEET
    Weekly MEET

    Best marvel series yet

  • matt walker
    matt walker

    just watched this episode and not having rdj as stark ruined it for me , its like jackman with logan these people have become there characters in my eyes and its hard to hear somebody else

    • matt walker
      matt walker

      @uncanny dcmarvelous i know u right , its a shame tho

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      RDJ is done with Marvel.

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Is the MCU Multiverse more a various branching of alternate timelines?

  • AGB-Gaming

    I didnt like this recent what if episode it was too dragged out.

  • Johnny P
    Johnny P

    Lost me at Captain Marvel. Goodbye!

  • Vojensbygade

    It is funny how many known characters who comes again in a universe of infinite opportunities of timelines. What are the odds? :D

    • Alexandre Eden
      Alexandre Eden

      1 in 15 000 000

  • Uldis Crystal
    Uldis Crystal

    I want a live-action DUCK MOVIE!!!

  • Jon Jameson
    Jon Jameson

    Disney wants more money. They can get it by paying the actors less instead of paying actors to act, just voice overs.

  • Zvasis Vasi
    Zvasis Vasi

    oh man what if marvel didnt care about political cowrectness

  • kpopexo lover999
    kpopexo lover999

    Zombie one was dope I need a continuation of that

  • Rozay Rose
    Rozay Rose

    More EGO, more Strange Supreme, more Cap Carter, more Shuri....MOREEEEEEEEEEEE.... BLAM BLAM BLAM!!!

  • Mieszko Bartoszek
    Mieszko Bartoszek

    What if everybody has a shield.

  • Mark Vincent Cocjin
    Mark Vincent Cocjin

    Plot twist: The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as their cartoons and comics publishing is a big What If. What If Tumblr Degenerates took over Marvel.

  • Star Child
    Star Child

    We need at least a 100 episodes this is the dopest thing !!

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos

    Woke garbage

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      Where's the woke?



  • Justin Wilson
    Justin Wilson

    There's only one real reality repent and believe in Jesus Christ to be saved from the judgement of God!!!

  • Bruce Lee
    Bruce Lee

    Just as the comics I've never been interested in the "What if". 🤷

  • Alistair Borthwick
    Alistair Borthwick

    Howard the Duck? I actually went to the cinema years ago to watch that movie 😀

  • 97devey

    Iron man getting a bad deal in this show. Been in 3 so far and gets killed in every one!!

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      That's the thing with What If stories in the comics. Anything can happen and anyone can die. There were tons of times where Spidey, comic Iron Man and others died multiple times and suffered a lot worse than MCU Tony in here.

  • larry floyd
    larry floyd

    I wish marvel would do..TOMB OF DRACULA... ...

  • Drex99

    Bitcoin +SHIBA INU coin buy

  • Glass Hurricane
    Glass Hurricane

    "Who needs a plan - I have a shield." I am 100% sure that Carter would never say something as reckless as that. The only time she's even been reckless was when she was angry at Steve, so she fired at the shield as a stupid live fire test. She's calm and collected, not a brash guns-blazing type.

    • Orhun

      @Glass Hurricane I think it can weakly be explained by the power structure in the episode. She has been held back by the general so many times, and given no role in the war, that she might be reckless to prove herself. In the MCU, Steve vouched for her ops, and she was given command later. Maybe that made her lean into a bit more tactical and collected. I do agree it was played as a bit too brawn over brains for her in the episode.

    • Glass Hurricane
      Glass Hurricane

      @Brandon Davidson That wasn't until the 21st century after he'd been active for about a decade. Carter has been active for a year and a bit, otherwise World War II would be over. Even through the whole Agent Carter series, she was still focused on strategy instead of just running in. I get that it's an alternate universe, but the only difference is that she got the serum instead of Steve

    • Brandon Davidson
      Brandon Davidson

      I mean, the point is that this is multiple alternate universes. In the MAINJ story yeah, Carter is calm and collected. But you saw how Captain America changed after years of "active duty"

    • Glass Hurricane
      Glass Hurricane

      @Sang You The serum still follows the same rules, the only change was who got it

    • Sang You
      Sang You

      Seems like some people either can't be happy in any way Or They can't comprehend that it is a story of different universe

  • ash shaneshan
    ash shaneshan

    Why there is no xmen in what if?

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      Because these What If stories are just about the MCU movies, not about the Fox X-Men or 4F movies. Just MCU stuff for obvious reasons. Now they confirmed that after 5 years, either 2025 or beyond, they'll start introducing the MCU iteration of the X-Men, hopefully more comic accurate and without being a Wolverine front centered franchise.

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      who knows. Hopefully there might be.

  • Renzor the Red
    Renzor the Red

    Uh huh. More gender bending from Disney. And hey, a much more charismatic Captain Marvel than Brie Larson could ever portray.


    Cap: What's the plan? Bucky: Do you have a plan? Captain Carter : Who needs a plan?

  • Melissa Harris
    Melissa Harris

    I saw the zombies episode and Studio Mir/Netfilx's Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf and now want a violent animated Winter Soldier film set during the cold war.

  • thewkovacs

    smart getting seth green to voice howard now do a series based on not brand ecchh

  • James Gachangi
    James Gachangi

    What ever happened to all the DC fan boys??? Can't troll the master piece that is what if , marvel is on a crazy roll!

  • Disney knights padilla
    Disney knights padilla

    When I saw that episode today I was finally happy that Spider-Man gets to speak with hulk but not the way I was expecting but at least it lasted when I saw it.

  • Disney knights padilla
    Disney knights padilla

    Wish in case they do season 2 Spider-Man will be the leading protagonist when most of his enemies throughout the multiverse will also rise for those who will survived.

  • Illuminator

    Tony "Stark" looks fat in the thumbnail. "What if a comic book character just ate regular food...? Huh? What if? What- if??"

  • Erich G
    Erich G

    Why is everyone seems to have a shield. 🤔 Pretty cool though. 😁 And Zombie Iron-Man?! 😳

  • Andrew Ooi
    Andrew Ooi

    For me it gives me a kick when the original actors voice their roles!

    • Orhun

      Ikr, I was waiting for Seth Green since GOTG VI! The others are ok too I guess.

  • M .W. K
    M .W. K

    "WHAT IF...Captain America & Black Widow Were In Love?"

  • S P
    S P

    I am ...aluminium can. De de de de dede de dedede.

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      ummmm okay.....

  • ravae

    The thanos part

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      That's from ep 2 if you were wandering

  • christopher2215

    Yeah... Nah

  • SpiderXMan

    There could be only one strange in the house not 2 strange one more is Valkyrie she is shown at a Lego sets

  • May the Science be with You
    May the Science be with You

    what a click baity title. Had to downvote

  • Justin Trayah
    Justin Trayah

    Idc how much it would cost the world would prefer live action “What ifs”.

  • Bogdanius Jablan
    Bogdanius Jablan

    iron man did snap... lol

  • NasH Hash
    NasH Hash

    milks the cow until it's dead

  • Damion Pseudonym
    Damion Pseudonym

    How are they getting Chadwicks voice? I mean, is it being composited from old recordings? Did he record all this before his death? If so, what happens when they run out? I have so many questions. Also, seems a bit disrespectful.

    • Damion Pseudonym
      Damion Pseudonym

      @Cliff Arthur Man, just when I thought he couldn't be any more of a performing professional, ... that is some legend stuff right there.

    • Cliff Arthur
      Cliff Arthur

      He recorded everything before he died. RIP Chadwick .

  • 💖Preppy Queen💖
    💖Preppy Queen💖

    What endgame did i watch bc i pretty sure tony snapped but its meant to change the story a bit i thought

  • Mitch Follis
    Mitch Follis

    I want a 1 hour or longer episode for what if endgame

  • Anthony Moreno sorto
    Anthony Moreno sorto

    They have to do what if the other half of the universe got dusted

  • ImStayGold42

    Once you go quack you won't go back 🦆

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      LMAO theres someone in the bottom of the comment section saying that part is racist. I'm losing braincells cause of that comment.

  • Spynmaster

    *whistle* "I'm Mary Poppins, ya'll, and you're watching Disney+."

  • ScarFace

    Is there a WHAT IF...Iron Man survived the snap?

    • ScarFace

      @albert zhong 🤣no problem

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      oh wait pretend I didn't say anything lmao im so dumb. pls ignore what i said. :/

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      He did though.....

  • Phenom Menon
    Phenom Menon

    They just named all the same heroes that were already covered.

  • Bazz

    Party Thor maybe a teenage version of Thor, giving funny expressions and his voice is also quite young while Original Thor's voice is very deep and manly

  • barry babbot
    barry babbot

    luck? duck? Sounds like Disney's attempt to slide in some good old nurtured racism in the mix. How good was The Suicide Squad!?

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      @Oliver Hopkins lmao I don't think he's okay.

    • Oliver Hopkins
      Oliver Hopkins

      Are you ok

  • Prasoon Mishra
    Prasoon Mishra

    No new clip

  • fernando themaster
    fernando themaster

    All the parts of what If is 👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽👎🏽

  • Clifton Miller
    Clifton Miller

    i’m a big fan of the series, but it’s starting to feel like they are just making things up now. The first couple episodes were logical things that could have happened if 1 thing was changed from the actual plot. like agent carter stays in the room causing X to happen...last episode was just like “oh but what if everyone was a zombie” lmao WHAT?!

    • Damion Pseudonym
      Damion Pseudonym

      Y'all clearly never read the "what if" comics back in the day.

  • Duran ‘Dman’ Bodasing
    Duran ‘Dman’ Bodasing

    KORG robot dancing!??! - SHOW ME!!!

  • Martinez Robinson
    Martinez Robinson

    I use to read nunthing but marvel ……….. these episodes are trash …….. if DC did a what if……….. it would be insane …..

    • Drunk Zombie
      Drunk Zombie

      Insanely crap

  • Tom Lawal
    Tom Lawal

    Supreme Strange getting a different title card heavily implies he is a separate character that might make an appearance in the live action movies

    • uncanny dcmarvelous
      uncanny dcmarvelous

      Well there are rumors of him and Captain Carter appearing in the Doctor Strange sequel.

  • jag arsolon
    jag arsolon

    Doctor Strange = Mephisto?

  • daddyfathippy

    "It's the WOKEST Marvel yet and yes IT...WILL...BE...SHIT!"

  • thegrtgazoo

    Ironman snap trailer with no ironman snap....ok

    • Omega Mouse
      Omega Mouse

      Yeah, they keep showing the same trailer while claiming it's something else. WTF.

  • xXxRadicalDreamerxXx

    It's feels like Marvel puked all it's superheros

  • Voltage

    I wonder if they are gonna do what if Iron Man survived the snap?

  • andrew davis
    andrew davis

    So basically, ONLY MMU what if lmao

  • SWatt Officer
    SWatt Officer

    Looks like they might be doing part 2s for most of them from a couple of the clips in here (which includes the crossovers between universes)

  • Joseph Wer
    Joseph Wer

    Holy shit, was that an actual trailer? I feel bad for the animators. What a waste of time.

    • Ameer Khan
      Ameer Khan


  • Kid Flash 87 2.0
    Kid Flash 87 2.0

    Can't wait for the big team up 😆

  • emre siirtli
    emre siirtli

    siktirikten hikayeler bu ne aq

  • Sophia Brelaz
    Sophia Brelaz

    ''os maiores herois do multiverso '' '' ou os pequenos se vc me entender '' o homem formiga e a mulher vespa , kkkkkk , quem gosta de trocadilhos entendeu na hora

  • Amlan Gohain
    Amlan Gohain

    Shit show

  • King Kennedy Thomas phiri
    King Kennedy Thomas phiri

    Quill is getting his powers back baby

  • Your Bbygirl
    Your Bbygirl

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  • BLACKWOLF -1776
    BLACKWOLF -1776

    WHAT IF? Marvel didn't suck and made good content

  • BLACKWOLF -1776
    BLACKWOLF -1776

    The ART IS SHIT FoR This Show!!!!And It's woke Trash!!!!

  • Alex G
    Alex G

    what if marvel stops making this garbage

  • Alice Music
    Alice Music

    👍👍👍 *Good. WHAT IF... ? "Iron-Man Snap" Trailer* 💛💛💛

  • Quiss

    Meh so far I only liked Dr. Stange episode. Everything else were meh

    • Omega Mouse
      Omega Mouse


    • Shell Cracker
      Shell Cracker


  • Devon Nicklaus
    Devon Nicklaus

    Am i missing something? from the boring cinematography to the canned "epic" music this doesn't look that interesting

  • Comical Realm Animations
    Comical Realm Animations

    I'm glad we're gonna be seeing more of Dr. Strange again

    • EX-NGY

      Same here bro

    • ZoroarK

      I think he will return in the Dr Strang movie as an antagonist

  • steve conn
    steve conn

    Getting rich off some dead-broke comics writer and artist from forty years ago...the Marvel Studios way.

    • albert zhong
      albert zhong

      I don't see anything wrong with that. A quarter of the popular movies nowadays are based on books or comic books from the past.

  • Darth Star One
    Darth Star One

    Howard the duck?😂😂😂😂😂

  • Anubhav Pal
    Anubhav Pal

    would love to captain roger and captain carter meet

  • sid g
    sid g

    oh man this is my childhood come true....cant believe i am lucky enough to see this stuff

  • Anubhav Pal
    Anubhav Pal

    So will strange and strange supreme team up or are they gonna fight again ?

  • Adwaidh Manikandan
    Adwaidh Manikandan

    5 th episode was terrifying

fail = smash egg
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