NO TIME TO DIE "New Agents" Trailer (2021)
JAMES BOND 007 NO TIME TO DIE "New Agents" Trailer (2021) Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas as Paloma, Lashana Lynch as Nomi
© 2021 - Universal

  • Mtz 306
    Mtz 306

    New agents always die...

  • Mr Nobody
    Mr Nobody


  • Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt

    When has the gender, race, or sexual preference of characters mattered so much in movies and tv shows (besides in Nazi Germany and KKK propaganda)?

  • Sam Mehera
    Sam Mehera

    No matter how much Hollywood progress it can't let go its sexism. For instant the white lady agent has to show her skin whereas the black lady agent has to cover her body during fighting stunts.

  • MrStretch03

    The new 007 is going to die saving James.

  • Um !
    Um !

    Welcome to a new era where masculine heros will be erased and replaced by left/woke ideals. In a year or so, your sons next big hero will be a trans-alien-binary star child.

  • cyrus198604

    Anna looks great..... The other thing looks like a bad joke.

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J

    Yay another Charlie's angles reboot

  • White Noise
    White Noise

    Women are so strong. lolz...

  • interestedmeow

    “True military training”

  • Mr Knowbody
    Mr Knowbody

    Im bored already

  • pu7pl3 z
    pu7pl3 z

    Everytime"women being strong"

  • wanderpump

    Soooo late to the table. LGBTQ is all the rave, maybe for the next one. Have to keep up.

  • Brade Bronson
    Brade Bronson

    Go Woke... Go Broke

  • Minas K. K.
    Minas K. K.


  • Cinema77

    Why ruin a movie preview with an "empowerment" speech, like "Terminator 2" "Aliens" or even "SALT" never existed?

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith

    Not transgender and in a wheel chair? I'm outraged


    Nothing new here. Just another franchise getting wokefied.


      @eburcua grace jones got something this new woke black GOT..STYLE ...

    • eburcua

      Yeah but not in a bad way I think. The women look hot and the movie seems fine. There's always been badass women in Bond movies, they've often been foreign. Sometimes black. The only thing new here is the black woman is dark skinned, that's all. Exotic women is traditional Bond.


    Is it just me or 90 % of films that now comes out is about women power...!?

  • Allen Han
    Allen Han

    Bond Franchise 1953-2019 Bond: Let's Fuck 2021+ Bond: Let's Fuck Them Up.

  • Wayne Halliday
    Wayne Halliday

    My god when will all this VAGINA pandering end!!! BOND is a womanizer, a playboy, an alpha male! Why the fuk does the empowerment of women mean they MUST be like men, take over mens roles and spoil movie franchises! Get your own fuken movies ffs! Woke BS!

  • David P
    David P

    Ok, I laughed out loud at 'they put me through true military training'.

    • Dave Budah
      Dave Budah

      She should have said simulated stunts hahaha.

  • T M
    T M

    Hopefully I don't hear the words "Sue... Mary Sue" in this 😬🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Coldshadow57

    Hard PASS!

    • kard sufur
      kard sufur

      these woke mutants are a mothafucka

  • Michael Fowler
    Michael Fowler

    Please, another pathetic WOKE movie.

  • Richard Spradling
    Richard Spradling

    What a joke hahahahaha

  • Darrell Apfel
    Darrell Apfel

    Please let the black woke female agent be a bad guy who gets taken out by the sexy latina super spy I'm liberal as fuck but even I'm sick of this woke shit.

  • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
    That Vegan on Shay Mountain

    Black women think it's some kind of progress and sign of inclusivity simply if we are in the movie, but if it always has to be the most masculine-ized version possible, so much that she looks exactly like a black man, how is that inclusive?

  • Anthony lynch
    Anthony lynch

    Lucky Daniel Craig..Could get any Hottest Woman n the world playing Bond perfectly !

  • Travis Kern
    Travis Kern

    Get woke, go broke

    • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
      That Vegan on Shay Mountain


  • sanzidan

    Ana ❤️

  • Kendall Stanes
    Kendall Stanes

    But woman aren't strong that's why we use men..

    • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
      That Vegan on Shay Mountain

      agreed. It's also why women use men.

  • josie carl
    josie carl

    complete and utter pc woke bame fantasy drivvle. ian fleming never even fantasised about this rubbish. bond is an alpha male as previous films have shown accurately..this trailer means il never watch this one or the next one with a foreigner female as crawling nonsense to please the snowflake brigade.

  • Георгий Малышев
    Георгий Малышев

    Осталось агентом инвалида сделать! Будет забубённо, инклюзивно, политкорректно. Только к Бонду отношения иметь не будет.

  • Petrus Adriaan
    Petrus Adriaan

    New Agents? You mean Woke Agents. This is just the death of another popular movie franchise.

  • JC Games
    JC Games

    Should be titled "No Time to Get Woke"

  • ned orj
    ned orj

    this just confirms the worst: 007 is the poster boy for feminists. there goes the franchise. NTTD, as i said many times, is D.O.A.

  • beowulf555

    It looks forced. So….. No time to watch.

  • Dick Riggles
    Dick Riggles

    Bond does not work in a woke world. The very character is meant to be a womanizer and alpha male. Taking that away completely changes the character, if not completely ruins it. Nobody wants to pay to see a woke Bond. Doesn't matter anyways, now that Bezos owns it, the next Bond is definitely going to be a hot mess. Doesn't matter, we got some really good movies and it had to end at some point. The backlash to this woke crap is coming. No one likes it other than mentally ill people.

    • eburcua

      As an old school feminist, not one of the new woke types, I always enjoyed Bond movies and found the sexism in it amusing, not offensive. Probably because Bond is always a gentleman. And there's already been plenty of badass exotic women in Bond movies, for as long as they existed, so no need to go overboard with it.

  • Fred

    Casino Royale was his best Bond film. Skyfall was runner up. The other two were drawn out disasters overloaded with absurd action. (Don't get me wrong--I know Bond films stretch it and I love good action, but some of the scenes were just overkill) Just seeing the women narrative being pushed in this one already spells disaster. These people act like men don't appreciate and have never appreciated strong female characters, which is not the case at all!!! I'll bet my life people who like Bond films probably liked Alien and Aliens. Ripley was authentic and not over the top. When films today go out of their way to try so hard and inject machismo into their female characters...that's when it's like, "give me a fucking break."

    • Anthony lynch
      Anthony lynch

      He has still played Bond perfectly the way Fleming wanted as pure Brute !

  • Patrick

    Am going to watch this. If it fails because of wokness, than I will re-watch the old JB with Sean Connery. In these time, men were real men.

  • Fletcher Hamilton
    Fletcher Hamilton

    Lashana Lynch - ‘We see so many different examples of women being strong in this movie, and being badasses at that!’ _Yeah . . ._ I can’t think of any movie that _didn’t_ depict the girls as ‘Strong Women!’ after Tippi Hedren in _The Birds_ 🤷‍♂️

    • Fletcher Hamilton
      Fletcher Hamilton

      @Jason Tudor - not sure how that relates to _my_ point, but thanks for the input, champion 👍

    • Jason Tudor
      Jason Tudor

      Hedrens's character is metaphorically blamed for BRINGING the birds, but feel free to completely miss the point of the entire film.

  • Fletcher Hamilton
    Fletcher Hamilton

    Sassy finger-clicking _girl_ agents, naturally . . . 🙄

  • Andrei Chivu
    Andrei Chivu

    So many trailers for this Bond....people already bored...

  • Yinko

    hmmm, this looked very ....very ....woke!

  • Quits Official
    Quits Official

    Why do they get these young actresses - totally unbelievable and NOT HIS AGE. GROSS

  • Damir Babic
    Damir Babic

    Great great like this trailer the women are great powerfull respect

  • Alex Foos
    Alex Foos

    Another women movie to flop in the box office haha

  • ali reza
    ali reza

    خدا جیمز باند آینده زن سیاپوسته . وی وی وی وی وی وی وی وی وی وی . خدا ورشکستتتتت بکنه هالیووووود تفه چارد

  • T Ryan
    T Ryan

    "No Time to Die represents change" which is exactly why it will fail.

    • Duc

      @bernhardtsen74 then I don't think it's James bond no more just another generic spy thriller at this point it might as well become Angelina jolies's salt movie yeah pretty woke if you ask me

    • bernhardtsen74

      I dont think so!it will have a start opening week but when the end is revealed, Bond in exile and Nomi becomes the new 007!then they will push the 007 series harder than ever to be only strong female or even trans to carry on!

  • Madhy Odreman
    Madhy Odreman

    007 going woke…so dumb

  • vicbudghav

    cross my fingers

  • Tony Parkin
    Tony Parkin

    I liked quantum. I thought casino was kinda long and ok. Don't recall the others. One of them wasted Christoph waltz and the other ended up in Scotland with a home alone ending.


    I really hope it ends like in From Russia with Love - bond having quite literally charmed the pants off the strong female leads and fading to black with all three in some sort of escape pod implying a threesome lol because even though as Judi Dench said in Goldeneye he's a "A sexist, misogynist dinosaur.. A relic of the Cold War" he still a charming attractive man

    • Dick Riggles
      Dick Riggles

      It will end with Bond forced to go to sensitivity training for a week.

  • Gareth Rooney
    Gareth Rooney

    Bonds gone WOKE ,, ffs

  • ha sa
    ha sa

    If they release the frickin movie before Covid shuts down everything again

  • bestmoviesever1

    I look forward to watching this in both Screen X and IMAX.

  • john banks
    john banks

    the beginning of the end really, sad the direction they have decided to go..typical though

  • Ulysses 31
    Ulysses 31


  • Joshua Collins
    Joshua Collins


  • creator g
    creator g

    This is exactly what the critical drinker was talking bout. Making a long celebrated franchise into a Hollywood feminist propaganda machine because that's whats trending now

  • Sexynes

    0:36 dang, true military training

  • Scott Carey
    Scott Carey

    I think this is the last James Bond.End of an era.Hopefully they'll send him out strong, and not getting his ass kicked by some young lady every 10 minutes.......

    • Magnus Chase
      Magnus Chase

      Yeah I hope they don't end this like Cars 3.

  • Jonathan Myers
    Jonathan Myers

    "I'll have a vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred. Do I look like I give a damn?" 🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸🍸

  • Kayru García
    Kayru García

    Digame, cuando se estrena en cine, cuando ¿?

  • channell 365
    channell 365

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  • channell movie
    channell movie

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    • ned orj
      ned orj

      already pirated in japan, lol. this movie will bomb big time.

  • Howesenberg Films
    Howesenberg Films

    I can't wait to see Bond pushed aside and dominated with girlboss sass and then his balls get chopped off while he begs for forgiveness for being born male, classic 007 stuff and I can't wait to not go and see it

  • Jefreto

    This movie it's not even close about classic 007. I just wanted to see Bond shooting bad people and kissing RANDOM women... Sigh

  • Carl is a Car
    Carl is a Car

    Not diminish what Scottish Suzuki said but, Leia in '77.

  • Mr Movie Maniac
    Mr Movie Maniac

    Strong women who didn’t need to explain they were strong: Ellen Ripley.. Sarah Connor.. Princess Leia.. Furiosa.. Jackie Brown.. Sidney Prescott.. Emily Blunt’s Rita Vrataki.. Buffy.. Trinity..

    • Manoah van der wolf
      Manoah van der wolf

      ....Xena......xenia onatopp.......scully.....Janeway.........jill valentine.....gamora....colombiana....

    • Niklas Forssen
      Niklas Forssen


    • Oliver Kocovski
      Oliver Kocovski

      But they weren't self aggrandising, fake, virtue signalling, woke millennials like the two above.

    • ha sa
      ha sa

      If they release the frickin movie before Covid shuts down everything again

  • Andrew Boundy
    Andrew Boundy

    A Joi to watch.

  • tc556guy

    Personally I'm tired of Hollywood going out of its way to portray "strong women" and all of the other SJW boxes that get checked off in every major modern film

    • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
      That Vegan on Shay Mountain

      Seeing as all of this "strength" always lands on making black women look exactly like black men, I'm over this shit too.

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool

    Every single action movie that comes out starring a woman the actress acts like this is the first time a woman character is portrayed strong.

    • C'mere

      @princess Ayaka ...and movies should not be a one time watch to make money and move on with the next product/projects. They should make money for the investors and be rewatchable for the audience. That's what we pay for. I think Men like Bond for wanting to be him, women like like Bond to be with him. It's a fantasy for everyone. It's a stereotype to dream about and forget your daily life for some hours. For example regarding Palomas character: female agents work as much as male agents, but different yet strong. But not with "noodle" arms holding a semi-automatic gun one handed. I don't buy it. Give her one small gun, make her fast and precise. Make her whirl around evading and escaping, to fatigue the opponent, to than strike with precision. That's impressive. Don't make her a strong "man", make her a strong woman. I want a tid bit of (physical) reality in my movies :D (I would buy Gina Carano doing this yet a semi-automatic gun handled with one hand I never liked in any movies done by anyone, only Arnold or Stallone, but they made different action movies with bended realism, this Bond always was kind of grounded. But as I said, I don't want to judge because I haven't seen the movie yet. Maybe and hopefully it's done right.

    • princess Ayaka
      princess Ayaka

      @C'mere I can see your point but hopefully it should not be the case otherwise most of the 007 fans like me will not be bothered to watch it more than once

    • princess Ayaka
      princess Ayaka

      @Guillaume Parola I know but the way it expressed it sounds it is the first time happening

    • C'mere

      I also don't like Bonds expressional faces like in the "salut" scene. He comes off as dumb and soggy... that's not the character. I don't think not even after being off service and being "out of shape". Yes, people can change and I haven't seen the movie yet, of course, so I don't judge. I'm just kind of afraid they'll ruin it. I don't attach my masculinity to movies and characters, but don't really like what I have seen so far in terms of character. The cinematography looka great. I hope for the best and that this movie is a fitting in-universe and in-charcter fitting send of. Not a forced-woke-agenda to pander to the 1% audience that doens't even like that franchise and don't go to see the movie... I've already bought a ticket and I hope he doesn't get sidelined and portrayed as a stumbeling idiot who lost it and get's thrown around. I'll see in October.

    • Guillaume Parola
      Guillaume Parola

      @princess Ayaka alien 20 years before that though

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool

    I've seen the entire movie purely from all 60+ new trailers that have been released.

  • Thịt Bò Khô
    Thịt Bò Khô

    I feel like JB is like he is supporting character for strong female in every trailer/

    • Lewis Rogers
      Lewis Rogers

      @bernhardtsen74 First rule of show business...give the people what they want. And that simply isnt a female agent as 007. 007 is an upper class, mid 30s - 40s british man. I shall see the film, if they ram the woke down my throat, I shall leave the franchise be as Hollywood needs to start to realise that people go to the cinema for fun, to leave all their BS at the door, not to pay to be lectured by virtue signalling socio politics.

    • bernhardtsen74

      he will be exiled by mi6!so the 007 number goes to Nomi!no more James Bond movies, just the female Agent 007 from then on!

  • Anthony Colombo
    Anthony Colombo

    woke 007

  • A.M.7

    Finally Bond will get cured of his toxic masculinity, can't wait....

  • Derek Nereida
    Derek Nereida

    The far summer orly water because myanmar bodily remain atop a aquatic pilot. breezy, safe mine

  • Leo Sheetz
    Leo Sheetz

    They ruined it. Women aren’t strong? Where do ppl get such notions? Been making action movies since the 20s w strong women. Lol woke man.

  • Glocks and the Good Book
    Glocks and the Good Book

    Looks like AMC finna stay busy with all these blockbusters coming out! 🚀🦍👐🏼💎🚀🦍👐🏼💎

  • Angel Divine
    Angel Divine

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  • Stanley-FGHIJK

    For everyone worried that this is a woke trash fest: you should be. It is. The new trailers are desperately trying to hide it, but this is Nomi's movie. They're disguising it now after the disastrous test screenings and embarrassing reshoots, but this film is about handing it off to Nomi, 007. She is being positioned to take over the franchise as 007. This is how Barbara Broccoli is getting around saying, "There will never be a female James Bond." They're just having the hideous, physical feeble, and obnoxious Nomi be 007 now. This is why in the trailers no one called Bond 007. The villain calls him "James Bond, license to kill". This is another scalp for Phoebe Waller-Bridge. The next she'll be claiming is Indiana Jones, where she'll be humiliating and dominating Harrison Ford, as Nomi will to Bond her. Test screenings don't lie, and No Time to Die was apparently an unmitigated disaster, and everything a Bond movie should never be.

  • Traditional Rudies
    Traditional Rudies


  • Stanley-FGHIJK

    LOL! That hilarious jumping snap kick from Nomi wouldn't even cause a 120 lb man to flinch, let alone a hulking mercenary. This movie is an embarrassment, DOA.

  • Lionel Hutz
    Lionel Hutz

    A little too "woke" for my liking...hard pass

  • Bequanis Looby
    Bequanis Looby

    Dear MGM, I understand, but no.

  • Arthur Saey
    Arthur Saey

    It's always been an opportunity to go to the cinema, ut this time, I must say I feel absolutely nothing

  • meg

    Marketing these days has hit a new low. Its probably even a great movie... But the marketing. *Any sincere egalitarian is turned off. True equality is in the middle NOT either end of a pendulum.*

  • Ki Po
    Ki Po

    Not seeing this. No way, no how. The Bond franchise has gone woke and cannot be saved.

  • D T
    D T

    No Time To Be Woke...

  • TheJesterOAO

    Oh right, there's been more footage released in trailers than in actual film. We all know the film is coming, we all know it should have a year ago. But with every single trailer I am a bit less excited about it and it might to a point of "huh, another Bond film". So just beat it, those trailers are just annoying!

    • TheJesterOAO

      @Andrew Pierce it's not that, I love Craig era films. But do we really need trailer for every single aspect of the film twice a week?

    • Andrew Pierce
      Andrew Pierce

      I know, four movies in fifteen, enough already. Lame take, just because you can comment doesn't mean you should.

  • YT Censored 11
    YT Censored 11

    No time to die the ending of the James Bond franchise. As get woke go broke takes another victim.

  • psycold

    As yes, girl power bond, exactly what NOBODY asked for.

    • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
      That Vegan on Shay Mountain

      they won't even allow the black one to look like a girl, so still failing

  • Nick Named
    Nick Named

    Yeah, girl power, this one's gonna bomb.

  • Nathan David
    Nathan David

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  • thejockmackay

    James Bomb. This flop will lose millions, but it will create hate between the sexes and that's the real investment, to divide and conquer.

    • That Vegan on Shay Mountain
      That Vegan on Shay Mountain

      It won't create hate between the sexes. No actual black women are out here cheering that we always are portrayed as stronger than men and having no physical characteristics to distinguish us from them. It's not good,

  • 2polohunnie DuMontier
    2polohunnie DuMontier

    So, 007 finally meets the Marvel genre ... just shoot me now.