INJUSTICE Trailer (2021)
INJUSTICE Trailer (2021) Batman, Joker, Superman, Wonder Woman
© 2021 - Warner Bros

  • followmybel

    books were so good hope the movie holds up

  • itsShadowNinja15


  • itsShadowNinja15

    Yes finally

  • #shorts

    Super video😎😎😎

  • Kun Ngo
    Kun Ngo


  • Maggie Wan
    Maggie Wan

    Thank you, we been waiting for this DC storyline.

  • Moti

    Superman is the most one dimensional character of all

  • Doge Shoge
    Doge Shoge

    Is it just me, or does the animation look like garbage?

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      It's only you buddy

  • Benhur _93
    Benhur _93


  • White Noise
    White Noise

    Superman is right.. Bat is such an ass

  • Harley Quinn fan 25
    Harley Quinn fan 25

    Where’s Harley Quinn

  • new channell
    new channell

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  • Matthew Harris
    Matthew Harris

    People keep giving shit to Superman and WW but Batman caused Injustice not Joker He chose to spare the life of a psychopath

  • Hippidyhopp

    They better include the best line in the book. "Ew. I got some Jimmy on my shoe"

  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  • rsahadi1975

    This better be a series.

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      No it's a movie

  • Ratchet K9110
    Ratchet K9110

    DC Injustice animated movie in October 2021

  • lol head
    lol head

    The thing is superman beats up an enemy not knowing its Lois as well and the way she is portrayed here shows no scars at all I hope either they are consistent with the graphic stuff or theres no need for an R rating

  • Joel McCall
    Joel McCall

    This one is on batman he had so many chances of killing the joker it is not funny after the joker killed Robin I'm surprised he didn't kill him or he could have ask superman to place joker in the phantom zone. Batman is the one with blood on his hands batman should have went full punisher and green lanter should have let him and Harley die instead of protecting them sometimes you can't help bad people they are like cancer you have to eradicate it.

  • Andy Au
    Andy Au

    So excited to watch Superman show Joker his heart.

  • George Manning
    George Manning

    looks like shit

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam


  • SuperMikester77

    Why black knuckles?!

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      Art style

  • Mark Anthony Leo
    Mark Anthony Leo


  • Dusty Scrolls
    Dusty Scrolls

    Retarded Super Heroes:"We can't kill" Villains escape every time they're captured, proceeds to kill more innocent people Retarded Super Heroes:"We can't kill" The whole cycle repeats itself. We need more Punisher's not heroes.


    Too late for this and DC. marvel is mopping the floor with them. WB sell them to Disney so we can have a crazy crossover.

  • ZAKi Ahmed
    ZAKi Ahmed

    Release date ? Can't find it anywhere online yet.

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam

      Still not out yet Be careful

  • Vindico

    I always knew Superman is a hypocrite... he doesn't care much about anyone dying unless it's his wife and kid.

    • uday kadam
      uday kadam

      the fact that with all that power in the world he is still incorruptible in the cannon universe makes him the most human character ever. the most precious thing to him is the people that makes him feel like a human, the only thing he craves for, and Lois is one of the few. In injustice they will always show you Metropolis getting blown to ashes, implying, killing Lois and his child will never be enough to drive him insane even when it's as easy as making up his mind to change few things around about the entire globe

  • Ross- A -Roni
    Ross- A -Roni

    DC animated is unrivaled.

    • Ross- A -Roni
      Ross- A -Roni

      @Alex Sam No, that's an absolute. I don't know if you watch their animated movies but: you should. They are damn good.

    • Alex Sam
      Alex Sam


  • Flash Games
    Flash Games

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  • yunaniii

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  • 莉莲昆

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  • Manoj Hanchate
    Manoj Hanchate

    This is amazing, just imagine how this story would get a shape in Zack Snyder's vision for Justice League 2.🤩

  • Arjun Bhagwandin
    Arjun Bhagwandin

    I dont like joker en batman en superman wonder woumen

    • Jihad Korbani
      Jihad Korbani

      Shut up!!!

  • jjlrdz

    Batman : "Donde conseguiste la bomba?" Joker :"Que también quieres una?? BATIcopion..."

  • Not MainManMané hth
    Not MainManMané hth

    Ohhh shit here we go. This will be amazing

  • End, Thus I Am
    End, Thus I Am

    Ah, yes...Lois, with her non black hair and her non purple eyes-WHAT?

  • Jonah Rajesh
    Jonah Rajesh

    I feel like they carved out the joker simile a little too much

  • Decayed Soul
    Decayed Soul

    Disappointed! Batman neither Superman saved Afghanistan 😭

    • Bon Paoi
      Bon Paoi

  • Ray Stimphil
    Ray Stimphil

    All it takes is one bad day... *Joker*

    • White Noise
      White Noise

      All it takes is Batman stupidity

  • Krillin dogg
    Krillin dogg

    You can really say that Batman is responsible for this, because of his code he is unable to kill joker, Joker is sick and crazy and Batman actually asks him the motive🤦🏾‍♂️

    • kermit sewer slide
      kermit sewer slide

      Well it's more like the gotham justice system not killing him after the 4th time he was sent to arkham

  • Tako Patar
    Tako Patar

    Who os joker voice actor

  • Undisputed

    Why is wonder woman trying to restrain superman on the cover. Thought she sided with him?

    • Bon Paoi
      Bon Paoi

    • Undisputed

      @Zeb Fross it's a comic book. He does but wonder sided with him

    • Zeb Fross
      Zeb Fross

      Looks like maybe Superman goes crazy trying to get revenge?

  • Battlestar

    This is awesome. This will be like the DC movie of the year

    • Bon Paoi
      Bon Paoi

    • F Mega
      F Mega

      I disagree you got suicide squad and injustices story isn’t the greatest it’s not bad but it’s like basically invincible but if mark didn’t have super powers

  • Relaxation with JK
    Relaxation with JK THANKS LATER .

  • Jason Landry
    Jason Landry

    Wow, rated R too.

  • Bel Ondina
    Bel Ondina

    Wow. Esperemos que sea buena

  • amber Maria
    amber Maria

    One like for joker