SOUTH OF HEAVEN Trailer (2021)
SOUTH OF HEAVEN Trailer (2021) Jason Sudeikis, Evangeline Lilly, Mike Colter
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  • Mike Robbins
    Mike Robbins

    Ted Lasso vs Luke Cage....I dig it!

  • Saxton Hale
    Saxton Hale

    Chaos rampant in an age of distrust. Confrontations, impulsive habitat. On and on, South of Heaven

  • Roger Regor
    Roger Regor

    Love this Ted Lasso prequel

  • claysmell

    who came here for the SLAYER tie-in/soundtrack

  • Justin Perry
    Justin Perry

    uh oh....its Led Tasso

  • Bang!

    Ooooo, Jason Wick, I like it

  • Kiskaloo

    Ever seen a person who is terminally ill with cancer? It's never as it's portrayed by Hollywood.

  • sakaya987

    I don’t know why Jason Sudeikis makes me wanna root for his success. You go Jason Sudeikis. Become the next Steve Carrell.

  • SV

    Can Sudeikis be believable in a tough guy roll? I guys well have to see about that.

  • Ordinaryguy82

    Shea whingham is awesome, I really liked his acting on Perry Mason. This feels like a film from the 70’s, like a tense thriller/drama. Bravo for Jason sudekis showing crazy range, from Ted Lasso to this, just astounding.

  • Xander Crews
    Xander Crews

    The first 30 seconds of the trailer made me think it was a corny romcom. I did not expect to see that complete 180 from the rest of the trailer.

  • Coder.JT

    Comedy actors are soo good in roles like this. Nice one Jason!

  • Michael Powell
    Michael Powell

    Framed non' comedian married to a lezbien fights with white men and their accents in cowboy land...................................please.

  • Craig Wattie
    Craig Wattie


  • Vector Hold
    Vector Hold

    I was hoping this was going to be a Slayer documentary

  • pu7pl3 z
    pu7pl3 z

    Wow I couldn't even recognize lily, that's range🔥🔥

  • Mark Faulk
    Mark Faulk

    This looks damn good.

  • On The Rocks Podcast
    On The Rocks Podcast

    Jason Sudeikis is just the best. Looking forward to this one!

  • MoreToKnowShow

    So Ted Lasso, The Wasp, and Luke Cage in a noir crime drama, im down..

  • Effin A. Cotton
    Effin A. Cotton

    South of Heaven! Awesome Slayer album 🤘

  • sarah

    i’m just angry at the way his hair sits it was bothering me the whole trailer

  • Ross King
    Ross King

    Dang I didn't know I needed Jason Sudeikis in a action thriller until I saw this.

  • SUPERPOD Gaming
    SUPERPOD Gaming

    Why do i get the feeling his wife is faking the cancer to drive the husband to do the bad guys dirty work.

  • SUPERPOD Gaming
    SUPERPOD Gaming

    This is what happens when your football team is regulated to the 2nd division.


    RLJE is getting the heavy hitters these days

  • earthgamer

    Is that kate from lost

  • Alessandro Seccafieno
    Alessandro Seccafieno

    I hoped for a Slayer soundtrack. Meh. But at least there's Michel Parè! #lookwhosback

  • Shaun Notcutt
    Shaun Notcutt

    Cue the Ted Lasso jokes

  • Brew Μπελας
    Brew Μπελας

    I hope they got Slayer to score this film

  • Naledi Mpho
    Naledi Mpho

    i never imagined jason sudeikis doing serious roles, mos def wanna watch this!

  • french toast
    french toast

    I'm not a fan of horror or suspense films but it seems like Jason's going to be so good in this I might have to give it a shot

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith

    Well, this trailer got me interested…

  • Dennis Bagwell
    Dennis Bagwell

    Wow. This looks amazing.

  • justajeffy

    Ok, so I’ll watch anything with Jason Sudeikis, but I really gotta say that Evangine Lilly owns this trailer.

  • C J
    C J

    This trailer was cut by somebody who has only seen the Dunkirk trailer... and it's very apparent considering how off the sound, tone, and visuals mesh. I'll give this movie a watch but I feel like it's not gonna be near as suspenseful as the trailer editor made it out to be... Not to mention how the title sounds like somebody broke eye-contact with you and then said this title while doing the "hand spread" motion

  • Nosha

    Considering the movie's name, thing song should've been pivotal: \m/


    He is a great actor. I'll watch anything with him in it.

  • Mike H
    Mike H

    I thought that was Michelle Williams the entire trailer!!!

  • batzxxl

    Evangeline is gonna kill this.

  • Comics AUniversalAlliance
    Comics AUniversalAlliance

    Mike Coltier getting some gigs is good to see. I think he got shafted after Luke Cage and its good to see him on something. This actually doesn't look that bad.

  • Craig Williamson
    Craig Williamson

    Killer name for a movie!! Love the SLAYER 🤘🤘🤘

  • AndyAnimal

    This doesn't look that funny.

  • Missile Customs
    Missile Customs

    Wow this movie seems amazing!!

  • Bitch Management
    Bitch Management

    They didn't even have the decency to use Slayer's music?

  • Quentin Murphy
    Quentin Murphy

    Honestly, this looks really good. All star cast and the ability to prove that comedians can do dramas as well. Can't wait!

    • Patrick Whelpley
      Patrick Whelpley

      This does look good, the only thing I kind of rolled my eyes at was the nail gun to the chair scene because its been used in the past a lot in similar scenes.

  • The Nasr
    The Nasr

    Season 3 of Ted Lasso takes a DARK turn.

  • Cletus Beauregard
    Cletus Beauregard

    before you see the light, you must die

  • Thomas Leaf
    Thomas Leaf this is basically Ted Lasso's origin story? cool.

  • Richard Maranta
    Richard Maranta

    No Country for Old Coaches.

  • A.I.

    Is this based off the Hank Moody novel, which was titled after the Slayer song?

  • VOLCAL 1616
    VOLCAL 1616


  • The Norman Zone
    The Norman Zone

    When a man truly loves his person he will do things he never thought he would do In a million years.

  • snyder eric
    snyder eric

    someone's having a rough day here

  • stefonzy

    This isn’t a slayer documentary? My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined

  • C Naj
    C Naj

    Ellen's new movie since quitting talkshow

  • yaser khalid
    yaser khalid

    Jason sudeikis keeps killing it I just watched *driven* and *masterminds* and he was great in both 👍

  • David David
    David David

    Welp, they finally did it. Jason Sudeikis is finally playing the role of a man lol Did you have to use a comedian as the main character?

  • TrevWho

    Ted Lasso and The Wasp vs Luke cage and some guys

  • Shqipcast

    This looks fire 🙌👌❤

  • Barry Hemmy
    Barry Hemmy

    Looks good!

  • internet troll
    internet troll

    Thought it was a slayer trailer 😔

  • Vero Moreno-Diaz
    Vero Moreno-Diaz

    Wow... Check out Jason! He is hot and super intense! Love him 😍❤️ I am so happy to see him in a different role. Although he is an incredibly good comedian.

  • Joe Onam
    Joe Onam

    Ted lasso

  • Scott Golisano
    Scott Golisano

    I was waiting for Slayer to kick in at the end instead of the stupid Tik tok's

  • Joel Longworth
    Joel Longworth

    My favorite Slayer song

  • CH MA 4
    CH MA 4


  • Relaxing Sounds
    Relaxing Sounds

    Sorry. Not at all convincing looking.

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Wow. Love Shea too.

  • valav77

    I love the sounds

  • Donny Williamson
    Donny Williamson

    Luke Cage and the Wasp.

  • Dimitrios F
    Dimitrios F


  • Ian Prikryl
    Ian Prikryl

    Go watch Gigantic for a truly great Sudeikis performance

  • Don Mynack
    Don Mynack

    Best Slayer LP IMHO.

  • Mike Winmill
    Mike Winmill

    Needs more clicky sounds

  • upstateny13650

    this is a good idea for a movie, sudeikis is a talented actor. i can always watch the luke cage guy and evangeline lilly, but i don't need to hear sudeikis stumbling through a southern accent for two hours

  • Joshua Perez
    Joshua Perez


  • Anthony Alligood
    Anthony Alligood

    Who can we get to play this role? We need someone with the worst southern accent possible.

  • Jared Maltbie
    Jared Maltbie

    This is why Ted started coaching football

  • Jake Iannarino
    Jake Iannarino

    looks good to me. I'll see it.

  • Andrew Enck
    Andrew Enck

    Ted Lasso becomes John Wick! I love it!

  • 11ll11l1ll111l1

    South of heaven is….. hell

  • Terri Pitnick
    Terri Pitnick

    Sudakus absolutely deserves these opportunities to show his range. But all I see in this is Coach Lasso trying to be a bad guy.! Should’ve switched up the southern accent

  • Mister Green
    Mister Green

    Jamie Tartt du du du du du du du

  • Jerry Hilliard
    Jerry Hilliard

    Jason Sudeikis has played funny so long I cant imagine how this will work.

  • Peter Burke
    Peter Burke

    Love the plot. Did you have to use a comedian as the main character?

  • dirkworld

    the problem is: he sounds exactly like Ted Lasso

  • Glar106

    any one else a Slayer fan ?

  • K N
    K N

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ted Lasso angry before 🙈

  • Paul Tupou
    Paul Tupou

    Welp, they finally did it. Jason Sudeikis is finally playing the role of a man lol

  • Jon Davis
    Jon Davis


  • Nerd World
    Nerd World

    Jason is a great actor, i really like his work. I hope he succeeds in this and maybe revises the SNL women’s sports commentator role for fun

    • Patrick Whelpley
      Patrick Whelpley

      All of those are gold! He and Will Forte did some well in bringing back the ESPN2 random sports things that would be on in the early 90s.

  • James Boehlke
    James Boehlke

    Damn, RLJE went all out this time. Some bigger name actors finally. Normally don't have the highest hopes when I see RLJE films, but have seen some decent movies through RLJE

  • Ganbaru Gaming
    Ganbaru Gaming


  • Killed_By_The_Architect -
    Killed_By_The_Architect -

    Nope sorry I cant take Sudeikis seriously he's done too much comedy to be taken serious as a serious actor, stick to what you know this just looks like him trying too hard.

  • Pep Pa
    Pep Pa

    Ted!!! 💪💪

  • Nathan David
    Nathan David

    This looks great. I’m so happy his career is moving him in the right direction, he has a lot of talent. I suppose it helps that I have a huge crush on him. I bet he wins an Oscar one day.

  • Jackson Hayes
    Jackson Hayes

    Ted’s finally had enough of being Mr. Nice Guy.

  • Anastasia Beaverhausen
    Anastasia Beaverhausen

    From the wacky high energy dancing guy backing up Kenan in the "What up with That" skits Go, Sudeikis! I'm impressed. Comedic actors practically always do killer dramatic work--you're standing on the shoulder of such as Tom Hanks here, big fella. Did not even recognize Evangeline Lilly with the ultra short blonde do until she smiled! She is always sensational. Criminally underutilized actress. Plus I also see excellent supporting actors who have been brilliant in shows like Fargo, The Good Wife, and Boardwalk Empire. This is a must-see.

  • Clayton Culham
    Clayton Culham

    Ted Lasso definitely took the Mac City loss hard...

  • Nesha Ruther
    Nesha Ruther

    Led Tasso: The Movie

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