MIDNIGHT MASS Trailer 2 (2021)
MIDNIGHT MASS Trailer 2 (2021) Mike Flanagan Series
© 2021 - Netflix

  • Chad Jones
    Chad Jones

    I'm here for the Remix of the song, ohhhhhh and the series looks OK also.

  • DRUMNICOdotcom

    hail satan.

  • dec9164

    Yeah, I'm in

  • Hape Mokenela
    Hape Mokenela

    Using the Keane song in trailer gave it an unexpected quality.

  • Tydev 719
    Tydev 719

    Great trailer, horrible music choice

  • Gregory Mason
    Gregory Mason

    Anyone know which version of Keane - Somewhere Only We Know this is featuring? It's isolated vocals and sounds slower, any links or?

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt

    More intriguing than I expected.

  • Bob Newfart
    Bob Newfart

    looks good

  • Nicole P
    Nicole P

    Where do I find this version of the song? I like it better than the original.

  • Bunk Harvest III 😺
    Bunk Harvest III 😺

    I always felt this way about going to midnight mass.

  • Jerky Murky
    Jerky Murky

    Holy shit... now thats a fucking trailer.

  • keith courson
    keith courson

    An uplifting film that lifts the heart, and elevates the importance of fun, family, and faith.

  • Sean Woods
    Sean Woods

    Why is oscar issac in every movie?

  • Crystal

    I think of love when I hear this song. Who ruined my love song🙄

  • J Vincent
    J Vincent

    Cool looking show….I hate the way they treated that Keane song though…now I have to go listen to the original version so I can hear it right.

  • not your cat
    not your cat

    "Mike Flanagan Series" I'm there

  • C S A
    C S A


  • new channell
    new channell

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  • SneakAttackFL

    Seeing the woman from the hill house show "Oh..." Seeing a ghost girl "I...." Seeing from the creator of the haunting of hill hill "I CALLED IT!"

  • Wisnu Wardana
    Wisnu Wardana

    I dont mind the director's nepotism as long he had good job in it

  • Grīnta

    Keane 😍😍😍

  • Jason Minaglia
    Jason Minaglia

    Looked kind of interesting until "from the creators of THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE" popped up on the screen. That show was so horrible that I'll definitely pass on this movie.

  • Kris

    From what I get from the trailer, the priest will brainwash some of the community members and will turn and attack each other. I saw people being chased and tackled to the ground.

  • Ken James
    Ken James

    Another banger

  • Jokercon

    Please don't be a bore like Bly Manor.

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas

    If you just read the New Testament one time you see Roman Catholicism is a truly Satanic religion.

    • umoren akpan
      umoren akpan

      Ignorant talk homie

  • 290revolver290

    Lois Lane 😳

  • Innocent Chinyemba
    Innocent Chinyemba

    I'm not into horror but this looks promising

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    i think more and more movie makers are confusing completely random acts of storytelling...with entertainment....I mean,hell,you can make just about anything appear really creepy....;just add lots of creepiness....

  • Lukáš Kus
    Lukáš Kus

    1:44 holy shit those CGI puddles looks soo bad

    • VITOLL

      Maybe it's a nightmare...

  • Sam Latifi
    Sam Latifi

    Keane ruined their song!! Noooooo

  • Ria Y Isaacs
    Ria Y Isaacs

    Does anyone else see something at 1:00 ? Like on the stage. Looks like woman in white or something. Mike Flanagan is the King of background ghosts though.

  • Kayla Morin
    Kayla Morin

    The messy fortnight noticeably cure because german tentatively release an a obtainable weather. confused, physical syrup



  • KyzAl

    F*** that's a good trailer.

  • John Imig
    John Imig

    Eh, looks like Midsommar! But we totally tried harder, WE PROMISE!

  • mrbigjonstud

    finally don't have to see all the "omg, I saw the whole movie in the trailer" comments lol, cant stand those people....

    • Keanu Reeves
      Keanu Reeves

      Yes I understand your comment, how are you doing today?

  • Karen Soza
    Karen Soza


  • Rima Calid
    Rima Calid

    Leave the Muslims alone

  • Тимур Емзиев
    Тимур Емзиев


  • d t
    d t

    Look like Netflix still got hit or miss. Can't tell on which one

  • zZiL341yRj736

    More Netflix trash? God damn can't they stop making shit please?

  • scott

    Hope this is better than Bly Manor. That was terrible


    1:49 wait,what?

  • Clint Robertson
    Clint Robertson

    The soundtrack alone is enough for me to watch this thing.

  • Dhiraj Gawande
    Dhiraj Gawande

    -Midnight Mass Trailer- Keane - somewhere only We know

  • L I V I N G C O L O U R
    L I V I N G C O L O U R

    Crazy times we're living in

  • channell 365
    channell 365

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  • channell movie
    channell movie

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  • Kervin Cadevil
    Kervin Cadevil

    Samantha cadevil smoking marijuana

  • Illuminator

    "Come to know well that which is in front of you and all that is occult shall reveal itself to you; for there is nothing occult which cannot be revealed." -Jesus Christ

    • Bon Goaie
      Bon Goaie



    I never thought I'd hear a Keane song used in a horror show trailer haha but it's fucking awesome 🤘🏻

  • SprinklezOG

    Wow guys, look!!!! Another 'Christianity bad' movie!!! I can comfortably bet money that this movie is going to be dog shit.

    • Illuminator

      "Come to know well that which is in front of you and all that is occult will reveal itself to you; for there is nothing occult which cannot be revealed." -Jesus Christ

  • winston smith
    winston smith

    100% crap and more.

  • Blank Space Provided
    Blank Space Provided

    So seriously psyched for this. I will watch anything Flanagan is involved with.

  • Glyne Lewis
    Glyne Lewis


  • Peg Leg Maurice (Mahogany Mo)
    Peg Leg Maurice (Mahogany Mo)

    So "the third day" basically?

  • SS Artworks
    SS Artworks

    Love that they feature Keane, hate the way its used.

  • Oakie

    Damn this looks good.

  • Afreespiritpoetandking

    It looks so good

  • TheElMuffin

    Way to use this beautiful song in the creepiest way possible

    • Bon Goaie
      Bon Goaie


  • Gman Gman
    Gman Gman

    I don't get it.

  • Pepe Le Frog
    Pepe Le Frog

    Another jewish movie about a twisted message about Christianity so the weak liberal minds stray even further away from God.

    • Rima Calid
      Rima Calid

      @Illuminator you should check if that is authentic or not with Professor Dale Martin !!!

    • Illuminator

      @Rima Calid That primeval mystical union between wisdom and compassion, the necessity for cunning and innocence at the same time, and the Master knew them both: "Behold, I send you out as sheep amidst the wolves; therefore be wise as serpents yet innocent as doves." -Jesus Christ

    • Rima Calid
      Rima Calid

      @Illuminator And he poured out the coins of the money-changers and overturned their tables. And he told those who sold the pigeons, "Take these things away; do not make God's house a house of trade". - John 2:13-16

    • Illuminator

      "Come to know well that which is in front of you and all that is occult shall reveal itself to you; for there is nothing occult which cannot be revealed." -Jesus Christ

  • mikey p
    mikey p

    For a number of years the Anthology Series didn't make as many as they used to and then started to bring out loads again with the likes of: Masters of Science Fiction, Playhouse Presents, American Horror Story, Black Mirror, American Crime Story, Electric Dreams, Fargo, Inside No. 9, Channel Zero, True Detective, Reboots of-Creepshow, Amazing Stories + Twlight Zone, Room 104. The Romanoffs, Dimension 404, Modern Love, The Guest Book, Lore. etc

  • IrishGamer Kerrie Louise
    IrishGamer Kerrie Louise


  • Tyler Brungot
    Tyler Brungot

    Never been so hyped for a show, Flanagan is a true horror visionary. Easily one of the greatest modern writers I’ve ever come across.

    • hinterwelter

      He's horrible. A visionary in boredom maybe. Long, overwritten, profoundly unscary television.

    • Delta D69
      Delta D69


    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai


    • Peg Leg Maurice (Mahogany Mo)
      Peg Leg Maurice (Mahogany Mo)

      Try watching the third day, it looks to be largely what this shows ripped off

  • Paulo Junior
    Paulo Junior

    Seems good but I fear it won't have answers, just like Hill House didn't.

  • Michael Jones
    Michael Jones

    I hate horror, but this was an epic trailer.

    • Keanu Reeves
      Keanu Reeves

      I love your comment, how are you doing today?

  • 03 AI
    03 AI

    All right, Mike Flanagan. I hope this show is as good as Haunting of Hill House.

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai


  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  • Yiannis Hayabusa
    Yiannis Hayabusa


  • psulionz87


  • Dave Fox
    Dave Fox

    I want to know what Stephen King thinks.

    • Мертвый Космос
      Мертвый Космос

      Old Kang will take money from every scoundrel, and after this they put his hypocrite and lying blurb how he loved and adored any piece of shit in CAPITAL! Did I save your time?

  • Adnan Rashid
    Adnan Rashid

    Brilliant song choice ❤

  • Dandy Jandon
    Dandy Jandon

    netflix pumping out sht like they drink metamucil all day.

  • TheNinjaMarmot

    Not pagan worshippers again!

    • Fabrisse ter Brugghe
      Fabrisse ter Brugghe

      Looked Catholic to me.

  • gpc_4

    Why is Keane doing this to me?!?!?

  • comet star
    comet star

    WTF kind of show is this lol. I don't even get what this is about

    • mikey p
      mikey p

      Not everything is spoon- fed to you on a bloody plate! 🙄

  • Jubair Rahman
    Jubair Rahman


  • Jubair Rahman
    Jubair Rahman

    What a crap!!!!

  • Jubair Rahman
    Jubair Rahman

    Fucking trailer!!!! Going to be flop!!!!

  • Matt gaming
    Matt gaming


  • Calvin Chandra
    Calvin Chandra

    Yeah the song doesn't work at all.

  • Shane Chambers
    Shane Chambers

    OH LOOK!!! another series that will be canceled after 2 good seasons and a cliffhanger

    • mikey p
      mikey p

      @Adam J He must be 🤨

    • mikey p
      mikey p

      @Shane Chambers Ummm wrong, this is an anthology series just like-The Haunting ones! Midnight Mass is the first one, then Midnight Club will be the 2nd one which they are filming as we speak!

    • Adam J
      Adam J

      @Shane Chambers No. Its not. Its a mini series. A single season of something. Its been written that way. Are you dense?

    • Ryan

      Pretty sure this will be a one season story like Mike Flanigan’s other Netflix shows.

    • Shane Chambers
      Shane Chambers

      @Adam J and... you know.... this isnt an anthology...... soooooo yeah. get ready for a season 2 cancellation!

  • Tahir Sayyad
    Tahir Sayyad

    Cercie Lannister

  • 𝑆ℎ𝑒𝚂𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚗0𝚗

    that trailer turned around wow

  • Bryan Vehonsky
    Bryan Vehonsky

    Never has a Keane song been more terrifying

    • Dorcas Malahlela
      Dorcas Malahlela

      Dude! I was getting crawling skin for this. This innocent optimistic band, such horror.

    • Graeme Simpson
      Graeme Simpson

      I dunno. The original is so shit, it scared me into smashing my radio.

    • Christopher Faith
      Christopher Faith

      haunting to the nines

    • Fergal Hughes
      Fergal Hughes

      There was that one time though

    • Spare Parts
      Spare Parts

      They really ruin a lot of songs doing this kinda thing (notably Nirvana cover for Black Widow-BLUUAHHKKK!) but this was brilliantly done.

  • Horizon sky
    Horizon sky

    So what is it about I really don't get it

  • boxertest

    You go see the folks and it becomes a fcuking horror show lol

    • Fabrisse ter Brugghe
      Fabrisse ter Brugghe

      In other words, an average Thanksgiving?😁

  • Raniella Durand
    Raniella Durand

    never thought somewhere only we know would be horror material, rad

    • Scott G
      Scott G


  • Michael Combs
    Michael Combs

    omggggg yesssssss

  • Norbat

    So, now we saw the whole movie. Thanks!

  • TokidokiTensai

    Oh hell yes! Kate Siegel is the shit!

  • Jacob Denness
    Jacob Denness

    The song didn't work

  • Glass Hurricane
    Glass Hurricane

    I don't know why, but it's so great seeing returning actors playing new characters again

    • Glass Hurricane
      Glass Hurricane

      @Wagner Silva Yeah, good question...

    • Wagner Silva
      Wagner Silva

      @Premix Utah Also, what does THAT have to do with anything?

    • Glass Hurricane
      Glass Hurricane

      @Premix Utah There are like eight different cast members returning, they're not all married to Mike Flanagan

    • Premix Utah
      Premix Utah

      She is the creator's wife so..

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai


  • Koulnis

    A two minute thirty trailer that doesn't reveal the plot and story? How dare!

    • Ramon Castaño
      Ramon Castaño

      how rare...

    • Iron man
      Iron man

      @zZiL341yRj736 lol This writer has written great horror shows Haunting of hill House and Bly manor so I have high hopes

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai


    • zZiL341yRj736

      Don't expect much with Netflix logo, it has shit written all over it.

  • jjdvideo

    Looks very bad. 😷

    • Ashton Subedar
      Ashton Subedar

      Go watch another superhero movie this movie looks very interesting

    • Mira Bella
      Mira Bella

      No, it doesn't.

  • Matt The King
    Matt The King

    Woohh a Keane Song being Haunting !!!!

    • Ba Goai
      Ba Goai


    • Jacob Denness
      Jacob Denness

      It didn't work for me, it made the trailer less scary

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    Nopelindo Putra Perkasa

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    Nice trailer. 🇮🇳